'Meridians and Chi flow' 


April 5th - 7th, 2019

 Corso Bello 9 | 6850 Mendrisio

490.- CHF

The Yin Yoga Training 'Meridians and Chi flow' course is suitable for all those who have already participated in my 30 hours of Yin Yoga basic training or have completed a Yin Yoga course with another teacher. Or simply would like to immerse themselves even deeper in the energizing effect of Yin Yoga (meridians and Chi flow). We deepen our acquired anatomical understanding of basic training in theory and practice. We deal intensively with physical, mental and emotional complaints that can arise from blockages in the meridians. We delve deeper into the mysterious world of fascia and focus on stress, chronic back pain and yin yoga as pain treatment and stress reduction.


The content of the Level 2 course covers the following topics:

  1. Meridians and Chi flow in Yin Yoga 

  2. Blockages in the energy system and their physical, mental and emotional disturbances 

  3. Yin Yoga and the Integration of Mudras

  4. 3 extensive yin yoga classes (2 hours) with focus on the meridians

  5. `Yin & Yang ´It is all about balance´: we combine the asana practice of dynamic, creative vinyasa flow and deeply opening, meditative yin yoga.

  6. Fascination Fascias (The Matrix of Connective Tissue)

  7. Modern meridian theory according to Dr. Motoyama

  8. Fascias research and the latest findings

  9. Yin Yoga and pain treatment by stimulation of fascia

  10. Chronic back pain, herniated discs, back therapy

  11. How does pain develop?

  12. The influence of emotional stress on chronic pain


'Peace comes when expectation goes´


Mona is a holistic massage therapist and experienced and certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow and yin yoga teacher. She has been working in the field of bodywork for over 20 years. In 2001 Mona left her native Germany and has since lived in Spain and India. She has been teaching yoga in Spain, Germany, Switzerland and India for many years. 


In her yoga centre in Goa, India, she has been offering open yoga courses and workshops for many years. In Europe and Asia she holds seminars, retreats and offers yoga training and further education.

Since 2015 she has specialized in teaching the Yin Yoga training.


She has been practicing Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga regularly for 15 years and has constantly expanded her yoga experience in other yoga styles such as Anusara, Iyengar, Acro and Hormon Yoga through mentors in Germany, Spain and India.


Mona prefers to combine the flowing, dynamic and creative style of Vinyasa Flow Yoga with the slow, deep opening and meditative elements of Yin Yoga with special attention to breath and the flow of life energy.


"Yang is about doing, Yin is about letting go.  It's all about balance!"




After your successful completion of the training you will receive a  Training Certificate issued by Mona Abter with the number of hours of continuous education:  Mona is a Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher and a Continous Education Provider (YACEP) with Yoga Alliance.


The Yin Yoga Training will take place in beautiful Ashoka Yoga Studio, which is located in the centre of Mendrisio and is easily accessible by car and train.


Date: From Friday to Sunday Evening, 5th to 7th April 2019                  

Time: Friday 16:30 - 20:30, Saturday & Sunday 8:30 - 17:30 (domenica 17:00) con 1-1.5h pausa pranzo


Where: Yoga Ashoka, Via Luigi Lavizzari 20, 9,6850 Mendrisio.                   


Prize: CHF 490.00 

Early Bird Price: CHF 440.00 until 31st January 2019 

Course Level: Yin Yoga Experience or 30 hour training              Course language: English with Italian Translation


What to bring: something to write and comfortable clothing


For further question please refer to course organizer Matthias Brun, 079 645 63 75, or write us a mail:


Please send us your name and address together with your booking request. Thank you!

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