29. Oktober 2017
16:30 - 18:30

 Corso Bello 9 | 6850 Mendrisio

35.- CHF


Yin Yoga can be practiced by everybody and every body! It is a slow style of yoga, where we hold the positions from 2- 5 minutes.

The goal is to give body and mind a deep and nourishing work out.


Yin Yoga has many physical and mental benefits:

  • The longer we stay in a position, the deeper we work into the tissue

  • It is a training for our fascia. The connective tissue, as well as ligaments and tendons is stretched and nurtured.

  • We stretch and activate the meridians of our body, thereby releasing blocks and activating fresh energy flow in our body.

  • We balance our emotions, since each meridian is connected to a different organ and each organ is connected to a emotion.

  • Through the slow practice we calm our mind: Yin Yoga is like a meditation with the body.


With this Yin Yoga Introduction Workshop I like to get you a first understanding and feeling of Yin Yoga. Without much theory we dive into the experience of a deeply balancing Yin Yoga practice.

What we learn during the workshop:

  • We learn how every body is different concerning our bones, and body structure, so we learn to accept our natural limits

  • How to alter every position according to our needs with the help of props: bolsters, blocks and belt

  • How staying inside a pose for a long time activates the feeling of embodiment, being present here and now in our body

  • How we activate our energy flow, how we balance our nervous system and find a deep state of relaxation


Date & Time: Sunday, 29. October 2017, 16:30 -18:30 

Where: Yoga Ashoka - Corso Bello 9, 6850 Mendrisio

Price:  CHF 35.-

Further inquiry with Matthias: 079 645 63 75

Course level: open for all level

What to bring: comfortable clothing

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