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New Date: 9/10. February 2019



Do you have a job where you sit a lot and suffer from back problems or are you looking for a practice that relaxes you physically and mentally? 


In Yin Yoga we primarily work and stimulate the connective tissue, also known as fascia, as well as our ligaments and joints. Long and passive stretches release adhesions and blockages in the fascia tissue, which are often responsible for complaints and chronic pain, especially in the lower back.


Yin Yoga also works specifically on the joints, such as the spine and hips. We pay little attention to our joints in everyday life, most of the time they are not used, we sit way too much. The practice of yin yoga makes the joints smoother and more flexible. In Yin Yoga we can have a positive and targeted effect on the fascia and reduce or completely dissolve pain. 


We also stimulate the flow of energy in our meridians, allowing blockages in the energy system to be released and our life energy to flow freely again, ensuring physical, mental and spiritual balance and good health. And by the way, after a short yin yoga practice you are completely relaxed and your mind and body recharge their batteries and recover.


The intro weekend is suitable for everyone who wants to get to know and experience Yin Yoga.

It is a practice-oriented weekend during which you will become familiar with all the important yin yoga asanas, their execution and the use of aids. You get a first insight into the exciting world of fascia, develop a new understanding of the body with the help of movement analysis in the group and after the anatomy of Yin Yoga founder Paul Grilley.


You don't have to do anything...reduce stress and recharge your batteries, sounds tempting, doesn't it?

Yin Yoga is all about relaxing into the asanas, practicing passively, without muscle tension, and letting the breath flow freely in order to achieve inner peace and deep relaxation. 


Letting go is the top priority, both physically and mentally. By holding the positions for a long time we learn to endure situations and then to let go. When staying in the positions of 3-5 minutes there is much time and space to feel inside oneself, to rediscover one's own body and its limits, to arrive at oneself, to observe and accept thoughts. Yin Yoga has a meditative character and offers a wonderful balance to our hectic and challenging everyday life.

With the Yin Yoga Intro Weekend I want to introduce the practice of Yin Yoga with its health benefits to as many people as possible. This in-depth weekend is open to all those who do not want to attend a longer Yin Yoga training of 30 or 50 hours, but want to get to know Yin Yoga more deeply for their own practice and personal well-being. The Intro Weekend is also the first weekend of the 30 hour Yin Yoga training. So if you are interested in deepening your knowledge at a later date, you may also attend the second weekend of the 30h Yin Yoga Training after the Intro Weekend. 


We are offering our trainings in a modular format of  continuous education: 

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Matthias is teaching Yoga for more than 10 years. First Vinyasa Yoga and Hatha Yoga, now a more holistic Yin & Yang Yoga. 

He is the owner of Riveryoga Studio in Thun, has thought a 200h Teacher Training in 2011 and is teaching workshops and continuous education since then.

He is also teaching meditation and is a therapist.

Yin Yoga and Yin & Yang Yoga to hin is a wonderful form to work with the body on a health oriented and meditative way.

Matthias was studying Yin Yoga with Josh Summers and Mona Abter. He is conducting this training in collaboration with Yogasunshine and Mona Abter who is teaching Yin Yoga trainings since 4 years. 


With the Yoga Studio Centro Annapurna we have a beautiful location, just 3 minutes walk from the 'Lao Maggiore'. In the same building of the Studio there is a Chinese Restaurant, if you would like to eat lunch out.


Date: Saturday to Sunday, 09./10. February 2019                       

Time:  Saturday 10:30 - 18:30, Sunday 8:30 - 17:30) with 1-1.5h lunch break

Where:  Centro Annapurna, Via San Gottardo 200 a 6598 Tenero                  


Price:  CHF 390.00  + optional CHF 30.- for the Teacher Training Manual (in English, German or Italian)

Course level: open for all yoga practitioners                                Course language: Italian / English


What to bring: something to write and comfortable clothing


For further question please refer to course organizer Matthias Brun, 079 645 63 75, or write us a mail:


Please send us your name and address together with your booking request. Thank you!

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