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Embodied living, shining heart

"The heart knows best" is what many cultures say. So I love to share some insights from my heart.

The heart i feel is the innate knowing and understanding of what we truly are. It has nothing to do with thinking. It is our fully embodied experience of who we are right now in this moment. From this embodied experience we will know what is good for us, always.

The problem though is, that in our western world we are in general very disembodied. We never fully embody our experience, because we are used to life our life trough conceptualizing and thinking. When bigger problems arise we generally try to run away from them, escape from them or shortcut them to quickly go back to the save heaven of our well organized, normal life. A life that is controlled by our small ego, and the rules (or ego) of our upbringing and cultural background.

But guess what; the person you are includes all your problematic experiences, failures, mistakes and shortcomings. These 'problematic' experiences always hold great insights about us and our life and often give birth to the new authentic person we are about to become. These bigger issues in our life wish to resolve the limits of our small self to bring us back to our true self. The true self is holding the naked truth of who we are. Centered in our true self we feel the freedom of being, the love of life and the confidence and trust to meet life as it is.

But: to find and live our true self we have to fully embody our experience.

Let me give you some ideas how to fully embody our experience:

- Stay fully present with your emotions: All emotions hold an information from the body that wants to be expressed and processed to the very end. Strong emotions are often bigger than you and often hold an information that is important for the world around you. Listening to these emotions will guide you to the place and role in the world you are meant to be.

- Feel the body. The body has an unique and limitless reservoir of sensations and information that are there for us to feel. The body takes in all information, always. Apart from our sometimes alienating thinking our body is not separated from nature at all. Embodiment starts by deeply listening to the body and its information. Learning to feel and relax every simple part of the body brings us back to our true nature.

- Feel the earth. Awareness of the earth is part of our human nature. Truly feeling gravity is feeling the mother holding you tight. Learning to connect to the earth and walk on the earth as part of the earth, will reconnect us to our true heritage as beings of the earth.

Embodied living lets us know from inside, makes us authentic and lets our heart shine. We walk on earth with love for the earth and our fellow human beings. We enjoy our way and receive the gifts of life with openness and compassion. We become what we truly are: Inspired human beings living in peace and unity with earth and all of life.

This blog was inspired by walking the earth with my shaman friend Alejandro and by listening to my mentor John, who pointed out the teachings of embodiment to me. For a good read (and practice) i like to recommend: "Touching Enligtenment - Finding realization in the body" by Reginal A. Ray. Ph.D.


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