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Guerilla Yoga: Sharing Yoga with the world

Guerilla Yoga Lugano with Keri Gonzato

​​Guerilla Yoga is a wonderful practice to share yoga with other people on the open grounds and parks of your city. Since it has started in 2008 in Bern it has spread to many cities in Switzerland.

Guerilla Yoga Bern 2009 in front of the Parlament

​​Starting the Guerilla Yoga in 2008, more than 50 people took part in the 2nd session. It seemed we hit the sign of the time and people were eager to practice and share Yoga outside. Since then the modern yoga movement has spread to many places, many forms and yoga has become quiet accepted and popular in our society.

The special thing with Guerilla Yoga is that every session is held at another location, with another teacher and also another Charity cause. This way we connect our yoga practice with different places and different people. We experience sharing our conscious being with other people and the planet. Coming together, sharing, connecting and being compassionate with all of life on this planet is what our generation is asked for. Guerilla Yoga is one of the platforms where we embody this idea and make it visible to the world. Come and join!

Guerilla Yoga Lugano con Cristina Biaggini


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