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Meditation is a technic to clarify and liberate the mind. Since our life is run by our mind, a regular mediation practice will have a great benefit for your life. Meditation will teach you: ​

  • to open your heart for helping others (bodhicitta)

  • to focus and concentrate the mind

  • stabilize and balance your mind

  • balance the energy flow in your body

  • connect you with your essense

  • to get insights by watching the stream of consciousness

  • about natural mind and ultimate reality


In yoga practice body work and breath practice are the intial stages for meditation practice. Yoga body work will allow you

to sit more comfortably, while pranayama or breath work will help you to understand and balance your energy flow. 

I will be pleased to teach you basic steps of meditation and prepare your for deeper work, which I am doing with my teacher Dan Brown. For an advanced practice in pranayama as well as meditation you need a teacher, otherwise you will not progress or even make mistakes. Learning this myself I am now practicing within Bon buddhist lineage, where the teaching are handed down from heart to heart since the time of the Buddha. 

These practices are poiniting you the way to awakening, a realized and enlightened mind, working for the liberation of all beings:

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