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So, 14. April 2019
10:00 - 12:30

Myrtee Yoga
 via dei Barchetta 5, 6926 Montagnola

45.- CHF

"The joy of life arises when you connect with life in the present moment."


In this workshop you learn 3 doorways to experience and practice this connection for yourself:

  1. The flow of life energy Prana: First we practice yoga with a gentle vinyasa flow to experience the life energy in motion.

  2. Presence of the body: Secondly we practice Yin Yoga to experience our body in a deep and present way. All position are held for 2-4 minutes which allows us to feel our body in a deeply rewarding and relaxing way.

  3. Concentration Meditation: Thirdly we practice Concentration Meditation. When we progress from concentration to deep Concentration our thoughts slow down and we open up to the fresh and an alive awareness of all things in the present moment. We practice two sessions of meditation in a pointing out style of meditation, where we clarify after every session what you experienced and where you may correct an deepen your practice.

The results depend on your practice, when you do the practice there will be certain and steady results:

„Our practice should be like a broad river that flows steadily and continuously.“ 
„Our minds should be like a fine, well-trained horse that is powerful but easy to control and direct“.
Kalsang Gyatso


Date & Time: Sunday, 14th April 2019, 10:00 - 12:30

including a break between yoga and meditation 

Where: Myrte Yoga - via dei Barchetta 5, 6926 Montagnola

Price:  CHF 45.- including a workshop handout

Further inquiry with Matthias: 079 645 63 75

Course level: open for all level

Course language: Italian / English

What to bring: comfortable clothing

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