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Heart Listening Circle

In this Heart Listening Circle we access our deeper knowledge to speak the truth from our hearts and the hearts of humanity, the planet and all of life. Recognizing and sharing our deeper truth with other people is a wonderfully liberating and unifying experience.


Programm Friday,  13. January 2017

Heart Listening Circle, 19:00-20:30​/21:00

  • Explanation of the Heart Listening Technique

  • Activate the energy body with yoga/ qigong exercises preparing you to sit embodied 

  • Heart Listening Meditation

  • Guided Heart Listening Circle, where you speak your truth from your heart, the heart of humanity, the heart of the planet and the heart of life

  • Closing

Costs: Donation (Suggested Donation 20 - 30 CHF), part of the donation goes to charity, part to the rent of the room. 


Location: Ajna Studio, Centro di Medicine Complementari, Viale Stefano Franscini 20, 6900 Lugano


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