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Heart Listening

Heart Listening is a wonderful technic, to guide your life from the heart. By connecting to the four levels of the heart we will deepen our heart realiationship on each level:

  • Your personal heart essence - relationship to ourself

  • Heart of humanity - relationship to all men and women

  • Heart of the planet - relationship to earth and nature

  • Heart of life - relationship to life, creation, god

Heart listening will open and extend your heart, and it wonderfully reminds you to lead your life from the heart. 


In a heart listening session we ask each level of the heart for answers on our actual theme and answers and images we receive from the heart are always an expression of the deeper heart wisdom. A Heart Listening Session will help you to get clarity and creative heart centered solutions on personal, partner, family or business matters. And you may as well use for your own daily practice.

Heart Listening is a tool for the new conscious age that emerges on this planet right now. Like Yoga and Meditation. 

For more inspiration on heart listening visit Dominque's website and listen to a personal experience:

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