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Cacao Ceremony

About Alejandro: I come from Costa Rica from bagaci indiginous rootstand I am an active sun dancer of the Native American Lakota tradition, a Brother of the family of the Littlebraves in South Dakota, Corn Creek reservation, as well as a fire keeper and supporter of Mexican, Lakota and South American ceremonies - including the moon dance, sweatlodges and vision quests. 

Programm Friday,  7. October 2016,

Cacao ceremony, 18:00-21:30

  • Introduction to Native American shamanism, ceremonies and spirit, connection between male and female energies

  • Explanation of the cacao ceremony

  • Break

  • Cacao ceremony: Using the medicine of cacao and shamanic sound healing we go into a heart opener journey to heal limited beliefs patterns and stories that block us to our internal power.  The connection of love through cacao heals and connects us to the heart of the sky and the heart of the earth. Brings balance and love to our selves.  The ceremony is guided with didgiridoo flutes and shamanic sound. I also support the journey with an individual healing.

  • Sharing circle

Costs: CHF 80.-​      

Location: Ajna Studio, Centro di Medicine Complementari, Viale Stefano Franscini 20, 6900 Lugano


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