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Yoga Heart Meditation


We are used to operate in our life from the SELF, a mini me character that is operating in our head from wich we over- identify with our thoughts, feelings and the body which leads to all kind of suffering and stress in our life.  

The Yoga & Meditation Workhshop is designed to lead you beyond that Small thinking self and teach you a simple method to reconnect with the the bigger reality of the universal heart.

The Workshop is divided in three parts: 

1. Awareness Meditation You will learn a simple technic to bring the mind back in to the body and use the body as a doorway to connect with your true nature.

2. Practicing yoga from Awareness: We practice a slow and meditative Yoga and Qi-Gong together

3. Heart Listening: Relaxed and Balanced I guide you through a heart listening Meditation and and the end we have the opportunity to share our awareness from the Heart. 

Workshop guide:  Matthias Brun

Date : Saturday, 22. July 2017   Location: Riveryoga Thun    

Time: 14:00 - 16:30

Costs: CHF 60.00   Open for all levels.


Location: Riveryoga, Obere Hauptgasse 78, 3600 Thun


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